Mobile Status Dashboard

The mobile status dashboard displays the current status of incident-impacted business services and provides status updates to stakeholders across your organization through the PagerDuty mobile app.



The status dashboard feature is available on Business and Digital Operations plans. Please contact our Sales Team if you would like to upgrade to a plan including the status dashboard feature.

View Mobile Status Dashboard

To view the status dashboard in the mobile app, navigate to the menu and select Status Dashboard. The main screen will present the top-level business services in your PagerDuty account.


Edit the Status Dashboard

If you would like to make changes to your status dashboard (e.g., modify business service dependencies and subscriptions), you can make these changes in the web app. Please read Status Dashboard for more information.

All Business Services Operational

When there are no incidents with priority open on any supporting technical services, the business status summary will show as All business services operational. There will be a green banner at the top of the screen and a green suitcase icon next to each business service.


Business Status Summary

Incident Without Priority

It is possible for a business service to have an incident on a supporting technical service, which does not affect the status dashboard. This is typically because the incident does not have a priority. While the status dashboard will still display as operational, you can see more information about the affected technical service on the business service’s details screen.


Incident without priority

Tap the technical service’s name to see more information about the service. You can also tap View [X] Impacting Incidents to view a list of incidents. Select an incident from the list to navigate to its details screen.


Technical service details

Disrupted Business Service

When a business service is disrupted, a red banner will display at the top of the screen and the business service will display the impacting incident’s priority. If multiple incidents impact the same business service, the highest priority will be displayed next to the business service. If multiple business services are impacted, they will be ordered by the highest priority.


Disrupted business service

You can select a disrupted business service to view details about the disrupted technical service, or tap View [X] Impacting Incidents to see a list of impacting incidents.


Disrupted technical service