Navigate the Incidents Page

A walkthrough of the features on the PagerDuty Incidents page

The Incidents page is the main screen that appears when you first log in to your PagerDuty account. You can navigate to this page from other screens by clicking Incidents in the top menu.


Incidents on All Teams

The top of the dashboard shows any triggered or acknowledged incidents currently active in the account. In the example below, there is currently 1 triggered incident and 1 acknowledged incident in PagerDuty. Your open incidents will show triggered and acknowledged incidents specifically assigned to you, and All open incidents will show a total of all triggered or acknowledged incidents in the PagerDuty account. If there is a triggered incident, the text will be red, and if there is an acknowledged incident the text will be orange. If there are no open incidents, the text will remain blue.


Just below this module, you will be able to see details of specific incidents that are assigned to you, as well as all incidents within PagerDuty.

  • To view incidents assigned to you specifically, click Assigned to me.
  • To view all incidents in PagerDuty, click All.
  • To filter incidents by their status, select Open, Triggered, Acknowledged, Resolved, or Any Status.
  • To take action on an incident, select the checkbox to the left of the incident and then click the Acknowledge, Reassign, Resolve, Snooze or Merge Incidents buttons.

High and Low Urgency Incidents

Urgency levels can be configured to notify you based on your notification rules.

In the PagerDuty incident dashboard, incident urgency is indicated in the Urgency column. High-urgency incidents will be displayed at the top, followed by low-urgency incidents. This helps you quickly identify the most critical incidents.

In the example below, incident #4728 was triggered most recently, but because it’s low-urgency, it’s displayed below the high-priority incidents.


Incidents will maintain this urgency-based order, even after acknowledgment. In the example below, both incidents are acknowledged. The high-urgency incident remains at the top of the table, followed by the low-urgency incident.


Activity for the Past 7 Days

The Activity for the Past 7 Days reviews all incidents within the last week. You can click the incident Title to view the incident details and incident log. You can also click the service name to access the service directly, and you can click a specific user's name to view their user profile.


On-Call Widgets

  • The My On-Call Shifts widget displays shifts you are currently on call for with dates and times, a list of escalation policies you are on call for, and shifts that are upcoming with dates and times.
  • The On Call Now widget displays specific escalation policies and which users are on call on each escalation level.