Navigating the Incidents Page

The Incidents page is the main screen that appears when you first login to your PagerDuty account. In this article, we will review how to navigate the dashboard and what information is available on the main screen.

Main Incidents Section

This is the main incidents view when you login to your individual PagerDuty account. We will break down the different sections below.


The top of the dashboard shows any triggered or acknowledged incidents currently active in the account. In the below example, there is currently 1 triggered incident and 1 acknowledged incident in PagerDuty. Notice that the left side shows triggered and acknowledged incidents specifically assigned to you and the right side shows all triggered or acknowledged incidents in PagerDuty. If there is a triggered incident the text will be red, and if there is an acknowledged incident the text will be orange. If there are no open incidents, the text will remain black.

Just below, the incidents section shows specific incidents that are assigned to you, as well as all incidents within PagerDuty. To view incidents assigned to you specifically, you can click on Assigned to me. To view all incidents in PagerDuty, you can click on All. Please note that you can view open incidents, triggered incidents, acknowledged incidents, resolved incidents, or any status specifically assigned to you. You can also view open incidents, triggered incidents, acknowledged incidents, resolved incidents, or any status assigned to everyone. Also, you can resolve, acknowledge, or reassign an incident directly from the dashboard by checking the incident and clicking the resolve, acknowledge, or reassign button.

Activity Log

The Activity for the Past 7 Days reviews all incidents within the last week. You can click on the specific incident number to view the incident details and incident log. You can also click on the service name to access the service directly, and you can click on a specific user's name to view their user profile.

On-Call Widgets

The When am I on-call next? widget displays specific escalation policies and the escalation levels you are on call for next.

In this case, I am on-call next at 5:00am on May 15th.

The Who is on-call now? widget displays specific escalation policies and which users are on-call on each escalation level.

According to the DevOps escalation policy, Chuck Norris and George Clooney are on-call all the time.

Navigating the Incidents Page

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