PagerDuty Outage Notifications

In the event of a PagerDuty outage, we use two channels to communicate about our system's status:

Status Page

The PagerDuty status page is available at as a channel to communicate during an outage.

During an outage, our status page will host the most up to date information about incidents and affected product areas. You can subscribe to our status page to receive email, SMS, and/or webhook notifications. You can also get an Atom or RSS feed from our status page.

Subscribing to our status page will allow you to receive:

  • Notifications when we post outage incidents and updates, and/or
  • Notifications when we publish a postmortem analysis of an outage

Subscribe to the PagerDuty Status Page

  1. In your browser’s address bar, go to ​​
  2. Click Subscribe to Updates.
  3. Select your preferred notification method.
  4. If prompted, enter your contact information and click Subscribe.

Subscribe via email


If something goes seriously wrong, we will tweet from the @PagerDutyOps Twitter account. Tweets from this account are related to issues of high importance, and you should check this account in the event of downtime.

If you only follow one PagerDuty Twitter account, we recommend following @PagerDutyOps. Updates to outage-related issues will be posted from @PagerDutyHelp.