Platform Release Notes (2021)

December 2021

Mobile Incident Details is now Early Access!
Now in early access, the new mobile Incident Details screen provides you with a more compelling visual experience and easier access to critical features during incident response. Run a play, add a priority or note, post a status update, and more with the new carousel. Early access is available on iOS and Android to Free and Professional plans. If you have a Business, Enterprise for Incident Management or Digital Operations (Legacy) plan and would like to be part of early access, reach out to your PagerDuty account team.

PagerDuty Solution Guides for Business
Did you know that PagerDuty can be used by departments like marketing, sales, finance, and human resources? We're delighted to share some guides for handling common critical business functions with PagerDuty. You can view the solution guides here and the solution page here. If you’d like to chat about how your team can make the most of this use case, reach out to your CSM.

Rundeck 3.4.7 - bug and security updates including Log4J CVE
Rundeck 3.4.7 is the last release of 2021, containing a number of fixes and security updates. Chief among these are updated packages that address the recent Log4j CVE. All users are recommended to update at their earliest opportunity. Read about it in the release notes.

New opportunity for design partnership!
In our latest project, PagerDuty is working on a way to onboard faster while establishing service ownership best practices organization-wide to help teams make the most of their PagerDuty experience. If you’re interested in partnering with us on this, please fill out this form.

November 2021

Fall Product Launch Announcements

We're excited to announce the following features. Join us on November 18 for our launch webinar where we'll dive into each feature and take your questions live.

Features announced as generally available: 

  • Probable Origin - Jumpstart your response efforts with an auto-generated list of likely incident origin points for faster resolution.

  • Change Events & Change Correlation on Mobile  - Deliver machine-learning powered intelligence right to the palm of your hands. 

  • Dynamic Service Graph - Instantly discover, map, and visualize business and technical service dependencies across your digital ecosystem.

  • Rundeck Actions - Speeds up incident response through safe, role-based delegation of automation to responders.

  • Global Search - Retrieve details about incidents, services, schedules, and alerts during both active incident response and moments of retrospection.

Features launched in early access. Let us know if you'd like to try out any of the features!

  • Event Orchestration - Cut down on manual event processing with a powerful decision engine, where teams can create custom logic to enrich, modify, and control routing based on event conditions at scale.

  • Auto-Pause Incident Notifications  - Automatically remove unnecessary noise from flapping alerts with the click of a button.

  • Service Standards - Configure services with less toil for a coordinated and seamless incident response process. Easily audit current services for best practices and set standards at scale.

  • Rundeck Cloud - The SaaS version of Rundeck is the fastest and easiest way to automate and delegate self-service IT operations.

October 2021

Global Search Generally Available October 19
Find what you need faster using Global Search to retrieve details about incidents, services, schedules, and alerts during both active incident response and moments of retrospection. This feature is generally available to all PagerDuty plans starting October 19. Check out the KB article for more details.

September 2021

PagerDuty App for Salesforce Service Cloud
The PagerDuty App for Salesforce Service Cloud provides an integrated and native experience for customer service teams and their stakeholders. It integrates PagerDuty’s real-time customer service operations solution with Salesforce Service Cloud and builds on our existing integration with Slack, introducing Slack-first intelligent swarming for Customer Service teams. Learn more with the Integration Guide.

Announcing Rundeck 3.4.4
Rundeck released version 3.4.4 which includes exciting new features and enhancements including expanded cloud infrastructure plugins, a new UI-based Ruleset Designer, and a new, accessible color palette.

August 2021

Runbook Automation
Rundeck 3.4.2 update has been released, including new features and enhancements to Rundeck Enterprise and Rundeck Community.

Change Events in mobile - now generally available
Change Events in mobile gives responders the critical information they need when they are on the go without access to their main device. It will be available in two areas—Incident Detail and Service Detail, which will display details for two recent change events. Change Events in mobile includes our recently launched Change Correlation feature.

Service dependencies in mobile - now generally available
Service dependencies in mobile help responders triage incidents with dependencies in the service profile by showing the full blast radius of an incident. They can be used to define other technical or business services that use your service or are used by your service.

Service event webhooks - now generally available
Service change updates can now be received via webhook, allowing you to easily keep your systems in sync with service changes happening within PagerDuty. You can add service event type to an existing webhook subscription or create a new one to start receiving the service.created, service.updated, and service.deleted webhooks.

New Services Profile fully replaced the Service Details Page
As of August 31, 2021, the New Service Profile fully replaced the Service Details Page. New functionality includes viewing recent change events, adding and viewing dependencies and adding Runbooks or a communication channel to streamline incident response.

Spotlight Recommendations Sunset
On August 2nd Spotlight Recommendations was sunset and is no longer accessible as part of Intelligent Dashboards. To see actionable recommendations for how to reduce noise and improve service configurations, use PD Labs Recommendations.

Create services with any variety of special characters in the name
You can now create services with any special characters in the name (*&/..$...). Provisioning services from external sources like ServiceNow can provision services as-is.

New integrations built by our partners made available to our customers

  • Backstage - with this integration you can see relevant PagerDuty information about an entity, such as the escalation policy or if there are any active incidents.
  • Allma - with Slack-native integration allows you to create a workflow within Slack that acknowledges incidents.
  • CloudCheckr - this integration allows you to configure email notifications that can be received daily or any time there is a change to a Best Practice Check or alert.

July 2021

Slack V2 Next Generation - now generally available
With the new one-click webhook migration, PagerDuty admins can now easily connect channels to PagerDuty teams and streamline their stakeholder communication. Teams can also reduce incident channel noise, based on priority and urgency. Responders can quickly collaborate and create an incident update from the Slack incident notification. Once an incident update has been created, stakeholders can keep tabs in a dedicated stakeholder channel.

Change Correlation
Change Correlation surfaces the changes that most likely caused an incident, so responders can eliminate irrelevant changes and identify the root cause quickly.

Outlier Incident
Flag anomalous incidents using historical data, and identify them as rare, anomalous or frequent so responders can focus on issues that may be more challenging to resolve, or address frequent alerts for automated remediation and performance improvements.

Custom Change Event Transformer
Turn any change event in any format from any of your integrated tools into a PagerDuty change event. Your responders will now have more context to know what changes occurred so they can find the root cause of incidents faster.

Past Incidents on Mobile
View past resolved incidents that have similar metadata and were generated on the same service as the current active incident. Get helpful context for accurate triage and to reduce resolution time. Responders can see whether they or someone on their team had been involved in a previous incident, when these types of incidents have happened, and dive into incident details to discover what remediation steps were taken in the past, all on their mobile device.

Stakeholder Updates in ChatOps
Enable responders to provide incident status updates to subscribers and stakeholders without interrupting incident remediation. Adding Business Response functionality to Slack and MS Teams increases feature accessibility, promotes incident visibility, and minimizes context switching.

Webhooks V3
Webhooks V3 provides a webhook format that is much smaller than previous formats to ensure the webhook will not grow arbitrarily large and can be processed quickly without the risk of getting dropped. Another exciting enhancement is that the status updates event type is now available with Webhooks V3.

  • Webhooks V1 and V2 are being deprecated on November 13, 2021 and March 31, 2022 respectively. Learn more about it here.
  • Webhook delivery IPs are changing: Due to an infrastructure issue, one of our outbound webhook delivery IP addresses is changing on July 23, 2021. To ensure continued successful delivery of webhooks from PagerDuty and to learn more about this change, please see this article.

June 2021

EU Service Region
We are delighted to announce that PagerDuty's EU service region is now generally available. This option enables our European customer base, including those in highly regulated markets such as financial services, public sector, and healthcare, as well as managed service providers (MSPs), to manage time-sensitive mission-critical work in their region.

If you are an existing user, you will notice a change in your PagerDuty login experience: you will now need to select the service region in which your account resides prior to logging in.

New Service Create Flow
Streamlines service setup in the UI. This simple and intuitive step flow guides all users, including those that are new or less familiar with PagerDuty, through the process of setting up a well configured service. Users will have the confidence that they've completed service set-up according to their configuration needs and that their service is ready to use.

April 2021

Zendesk Status Dashboard
We are delighted to announce a new Status Dashboard for the Zendesk Customer Service integration. The dashboard enables customer service agents to have real-time visibility into major incidents that are impacting their customers right within Zendesk, so they can proactively update customers when an incident occurs.

Service Profile Enhancements
Now you can take action on incidents directly from the service profile to accelerate response, root cause analysis, and remediation activities. Perform bulk actions including acknowledge or resolve, search by incident ID, add and view change integrations, browse resolved incidents, view related escalation policies from the service profile header, and more.

Past and Related Incidents API
Extract past and related incidents data via APIs and extend your Event Intelligence capabilities through our new APIs that enable you to connect and analyze all the incident data in your systems. Using an incident ID, you can receive past incidents to provide historical context and accelerate triage to build awareness of the full breadth of incident impact.

Unfurling Analytics Insights Links in Slack
Users can now copy and paste the Curated Insights URL from PagerDuty Analytics into Slack and see the link preview directly within Slack (in both #channels and direct messages). Allowing the link to “unfurl” a visual directly in Slack makes report sharing easier and empowers more data-driven decision making and collaboration.

March 2021

Add Responder Notification Rules
High-urgency notification rules will now apply to both incident assignments and responder requests. Never miss a request and fail to join an incident during a response ever again! We're gradually releasing this to all PagerDuty customers until 15 April 2021.

Custom Change Event Transformer
Send change events from any system using our Custom Change Event Transformer. Turn an event in any format from your integrated tools into a PagerDuty change event with no additional infrastructure on your side. Responders will now have more context to know what changes occurred so they can find the root cause of incidents faster.

PagerDuty’s ServiceNow Integration
PagerDuty's ServiceNow integration is certified for the Quebec release. PagerDuty’s integration with ServiceNow has now been certified to work with "Quebec". Quebec is scheduled for general availability this quarter.

Webhook delivery IPs are changing
Due to some infrastructure updates, some of our outbound webhook delivery IP addresses are changing on March 22, 2021.

February 2021

Audit Trail Reporting UI
The new Audit Trail Reporting UI delivers reports for users, Teams, schedules, escalation policies, and services. Achieve compliance and stay aligned with policies by examining configuration history and audit records for the previous year, on demand and at any frequency.

Change Events: New Integrations
PagerDuty fully integrates change events from the software delivery process (CI/CD pipelines) and code repositories, enabling visibility across changes to better understand their impact. Leverage this real-time context to immediately identify where changes have caused failures and predict what risk future changes could have across business-critical services. We’ve also added new integrations to further improve understanding around change impact for our customers.

View the integration guides and support docs for these new change events integrations: Ansible, Buildkite, GitLab, Jenkins, Rundeck, and ServiceNow.

Start sending change events to PagerDuty and custom events through the Change Events API or navigate to Incidents Recent Changes in PagerDuty.

PagerDuty Amazon DevOps Guru Integration
PagerDuty and Amazon DevOps Guru help operations teams improve visibility into their AWS ecosystem and AWS-based applications. Amazon DevOps Guru’s machine learning-enabled application health information and Simple Notification Service (SNS), together with PagerDuty’s capabilities, help teams get ahead of operational issues and prevent any negative impact to customers.

January 2021

ServiceNow v7.5 Upgrade [Business+]
We’ve expanded our CMDB capabilities even further by improving our service provisioning feature. Services can now be provisioned from ServiceNow into PagerDuty in any configuration desired, linking different custom relationships or utilizing the defined relationships in CMDB. We also launched system capabilities to support integrating a service’s change request information from ServiceNow into PagerDuty’s change events dashboards.

Automated Triggers [Digital Ops, EI add-on]
Add custom webhook-based responses for events to trigger a remediation action or run diagnostics. Trigger with the push of a button on an incident, or configure it to auto-trigger when an incident starts.