Service Regions

PagerDuty service regions allow customers to choose the geographic region of the PagerDuty data centers that host the customer’s account. When signing up for your account, you can choose the service region. Currently, the available options are US and EU.


The new EU Service Region

At this time there are limitations with EU Service Region accounts. The below features and integrations are not yet available. We will maintain the list below and remove components as they become available:


  • Zoom
  • Salesforce
  • Developer Mode
  • Google OAuth SSO

Your service region may also determine the primary location of some service providers for your account, such as Phone, SMS and Email service.

We may process and store some types of data outside of your account's chosen service region. These types of data may include but are not limited to:

  • Data for our engineering teams to secure and operate PagerDuty, such as application logs.
  • Data to improve PagerDuty, such as aggregated product usage analytics.
  • Data to provide you with technical support.
  • Data to conduct business with you, such as billing details.
  • Data to record your marketing preferences.

If you choose to install an integration into your PagerDuty account, that data may also be stored outside of your chosen service region. It is your responsibility to review any integration you choose to add to determine if it meets your requirements.

Logging into the Correct Service Region

If your account was configured in the US Service Region, you can log in here:

If your account was configured in the EU Service Region, log in here:

Service Region API Access URLs

Each service region has its own URLs for accessing the API:

Hosting Locations

For customer using our US service region, PagerDuty could be running from any of the following data centers at any point in time:

  • AWS US West (Northern California)
  • AWS US West (Oregon)
  • AWS US East (Ohio)

For customers using our EU service region, PagerDuty could be running from either of the below at any point in time:

  • AWS EU Central (Frankfurt)
  • AWS EU West (Ireland)


What pricing plans are eligible?

All pricing plans are available in any service region.

Can my account be split across multiple service regions?

No. An account can only exist in one service region.

How do I migrate from one service region to another?

Contact your PagerDuty account team for details.

How do I know my account's service region?

Look at the web address for your account:

Service Region

Web Address



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Service Regions

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