ServiceNow Troubleshooting Guide

Below are some common questions and troubleshooting steps for the ServiceNow integration.

When is an incident sent to PagerDuty?

By default, the PagerDuty application triggers a PagerDuty incident if the assignment group has been tied to a PagerDuty service and if the incident is either a P1 or P2. This can be customized.

I'm not seeing any updates in PagerDuty from ServiceNow.

Check that the PagerDuty service webhook URL is correct. It should look similar to

Check that the group in ServiceNow has both the service and escalation policy ID. You may need to add the two PagerDuty fields to the group form.

Some actions are not updated in ServiceNow from PagerDuty.

Check the user's email address in ServiceNow to make sure it matches the user's email address in PagerDuty.

How do I customize the integration?

Business rules determine when to update PagerDuty from actions that occur in ServiceNow. They can be found by going to PagerDuty in the left-hand menu, clicking Configuration files, and going to the Business Rules tab. You can now select a business rule and view it's filter conditions.

The majority of the JavaScript used for the application is able to be modified and can be found in the PagerDuty menu item, clicking Configuration files, and going to Script Includes. The scripts consist of:

  • The PagerDuty script contains methods used to trigger, reassign and resolve incidents along with other helper methods. The triggerIncident method would be where a customer who wants to include more data in incidents in PagerDuty from ServiceNow would make modifications.
  • PagerDutyInbound contains methods used for processing incoming webhook data.
  • PagerDutyProvisioning is used to create users, escalation policies and services within PagerDuty.
  • PagerDuty_REST is the only script that cannot be modified. It contains basic methods to perform GET, POST and PUT calls to the PagerDuty API.

Webhooks can also be customized in the Webhook Import Service web service, including the PagerDuty Webhook Import transform map.

How can I make the PagerDuty fields visible in ServiceNow?

At this time, there are 2 fields for PagerDuty on the group form, 2 fields on the incident form and 1 field on a user form. The process to make each one visible is the same: When viewing the form you want to change, right click the grey header, select Configure and click Form Layout. The new page will have two columns. Look for the PagerDuty field(s) you want in the left column, select it and click the right arrow to add it. Save once complete. Go back to the form and you should see the new field(s) added.

How can I manually edit the PagerDuty fields?

Right click on the field label, click Configure Dictionary, then uncheck Read only on the new page and save.

Can I/how do I connect more than one PagerDuty service to a ServiceNow group?

That's not possible at the moment. The mapping is 1-to-1.

I thought I installed the PagerDuty app, but I can't find it in the left-hand navigation menu.

If you just installed the app, try a hard refresh in your browser, or log out and back in again, as the left menu may just not have been reloaded after the install process. This is the most common issue.

Make sure the PagerDuty app has been added to your current instance from the ServiceNow store (

Install the app to your current instance by going to System Applications, selecting Applications, and clicking the Downloads tab.

I did all the above, but I still can't see the app. What now?

Check to see if you have any plugins that could prevent the installation from succeeding. We've seen one instance where a customer had a plugin installed that tried to encrypt each attachment within ServiceNow, which lead to the install process of the PagerDuty app looking like it succeeded but in reality it failed, so they couldn't find PagerDuty in the left-hand navigation menu.

Why aren't incident notes entered in PagerDuty showing up on the ServiceNow incident?

Note synchronization does not happen in real time but is handled whenever the incident record in ServiceNow is updated, or manually initiated by selecting Refresh PagerDuty Notes from the context menu in the ServiceNow incident header bar.

If you just upgraded to 3.1 from an earlier version, you will need to enable business rules so that note import can work properly. More info is available in the ServiceNow integration guide.

ServiceNow Troubleshooting Guide