Status Pages Overview

PagerDuty Status Pages provide visual, real-time insights into an organization’s operations, and the status of incident resolution. PagerDuty users can proactively and securely communicate real-time operational updates with customers directly from the PagerDuty platform, eliminating the need to context switch to other tools, giving users one platform, PagerDuty, as the single source of truth. PagerDuty Status Pages improve customer experience, reduce the burden on support teams, and eliminate the need to maintain separate status page infrastructure, allowing businesses to consolidate their tools while providing better service to their customers.

PagerDuty offers the following status page products to help keep users and customers informed about your infrastructure's health:


Looking for our Company Status Page?

This article describes our Status Page products, which you can use to create your own status pages. If you are looking for more information about the PagerDuty company status page at, please read PagerDuty Outage Notifications.

Internal Status Page

PagerDuty’s Internal Status Page feature provides technical responders, business responders, and leaders a live, shared view of system health to improve awareness of operational issues. It displays the current status of key business services and sends notifications to alert users when business services are impacted. This feature improves communication between response teams and stakeholders during incidents.

Please read Internal Status Page for more information.

External Status Page

External Status Pages offer public audiences a unified source of truth about your infrastructure’s health. This feature can be customized to fit your brand’s look and feel, and you can define different views and sets of Business Services to display. Visitors can stay informed about ongoing incidents and read status updates, or subscribe to your status page to receive notifications via email.

Please read External Status Page for more information.