User Roles

User Role Tiers

PagerDuty has two tiers of user roles depending on your account's plan. To determine which tier your role belongs to, click the user icon in the upper right of your account and select My Profile. If you see a tab that says Permissions & Teams, please visit our article on Advanced Permissions. If you only see the User Settings tab, please continue to use this article for reference.

User Roles in Your Account

Limited User
Account Owner


  • User profiles
  • Incidents
  • Schedules
  • Escalation policies
  • Services
  • Analytics

Subscribe to incidents

✓ **

Be added on schedules and escalation policies

Create overrides for schedules that the user is on-call for

Trigger, acknowledge, reassign, and resolve incidents


  • On-call schedules
  • Escalation policies
  • Services
  • Maintenance windows
  • Teams
  • Response plays

Add new users

Delete users (cannot delete the Account Owner)

Edit a user's profile/password

Create/delete REST API keys

Access billing information

Cannot be deleted

Change the account owner

Enable and edit Single Sign-On (SSO) properties*

Delete the account

*Available on Platform Business and Enterprise pricing plans.
** Stakeholder Subscriptions to incidents are only available with our Modern Incident Response package. Please contact our Sales Team if you would like to upgrade to a plan with this feature.

Stakeholder Users

Stakeholder users are available by default on Enterprise plans, and can purchased as add-on users on Platform Team and Platform Business plans. Stakeholders can view objects in an account, but cannot make modifications. The intended use case for a Stakeholder is to be added as a Subscriber to an incident — they will receive updates about the incident, but cannot take any action. Subscriptions to incidents are only available for Stakeholders with our Modern Incident Response package. Please contact our Sales Team if you would like to upgrade to a plan with this feature.

Stakeholder licenses are not billed the same as full users. Please contact your Account Manager for more information.

Checking Your User Role

To check what role you have, click the user icon in the upper right of the web app, select My Profile. Depending on your account's plan, your user role information will be found in the following tabs:

  • Starter and Platform Team plans will only have a User Settings tab, and you will find your Role information there. These role types are standard User Roles.
  • Platform Business and Enterprise plans will have an additional Permissions & Teams tab where you can find information about your Base Role and any Team Role(s) or Object Role(s) that you may have. These role types are Advanced Permissions.

Changing User Roles

Required User Permissions

Admin, Global Admin and Account Owner roles.

If you're not sure what role you have, please read the above section, Checking Your User Role.

If you would like your role changed, please contact an Admin, Global Admin or Account Owner on your PagerDuty account. Only the Account Owner can change their own role by transferring account ownership to another user in the account.

To change a user's role:

  1. Go to Configuration → Users.
  2. Click the name of the user you would like to update.
  3. On their profile page, click the User Settings tab.
  4. Click on the Edit icon to the right of the Role section. Select a new role from the dropdown.
  5. Click Save.

User Roles

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