Using Mobile Schedules

The mobile app is designed with a responder's experience in mind — you can easily access schedules, book an override when you need to take over, and view previous shifts and overrides. For any questions or issues pertaining to mobile schedules, feel free to reach out to the Support Team.



Editing Schedules

If you're looking to make changes to your schedules, for example, adding or removing users, this can be achieved through the Web UI. You can read more about editing schedules here.

To browse schedules, navigate to the Menu and select Schedules. Here you'll be presented with two tabs- one for your teams specifically, the other for all teams.

Once you've chosen your schedule, note the calendar view at the top of the screen. You can select a specific day or scroll through the timeline if you're looking for a particular shift. Durations will be listed on the shift itself- even if they span multiple days.

Regular shifts will be shown using a solid color, whereas overrides will have a striped pattern. Gaps in schedules will appear as 'No One On Call'. You can also view shifts and overrides that have already passed by selecting a previous date from the Calendar view. If you go too far back and would like to return to today's date, this can be achieved by selecting the blue calendar icon in the top right corner.


Want to get notified when your On-Call shift is beginning or ending?

You can set up On-Call Handoff Notifications in the Web UI that will remind you when you're going on call, or ending an on-call shift. Read more about them here!


There are two different options you can use to set the duration of the override:

First, select the shift you'd like to override.

On this screen you can modify the length of your override. You can set a custom duration spanning multiple shifts easily by selecting the start and end dates as shown below.

Alternatively, if you'd like to use a pre-populated option (for example, until the rotation ends), you can select 'Duration'.

Once you've chosen the duration of the override, you can finalize your override by confirming the duration you've selected.


Want to view all of your On-Call shifts?

If you're active on multiple schedules and would just like to see your specific on-call shifts for all of them, head on over to your User Profile page!

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