Using Mobile Schedules

The PagerDuty mobile app is designed with a responder's experience in mind. You can easily access schedules, create overrides, and view previous and future on-call shifts.


Edit Schedules

If you would like to make structural changes to your schedules, such as adding/removing users from the rotation or adjusting shift lengths, you can do that in the web app. Please refer to Edit Schedules for more information.

View Schedules

To browse schedules in the mobile app, navigate to Schedules. Here you will be presented with two tabs: My Teams to view schedules associated with your Teams, and All to view all schedules in your organization’s account.


View schedules

Select a schedule from the list to see its detailed view. Once you've chosen your schedule, note the calendar view at the top of the screen. You can select a specific day or scroll through the timeline to find a particular shift. A shift’s duration is displayed for each entry, even if the shift spans multiple days.


Detailed view

  • Regular shifts will show the user’s schedule color in a solid bar.

Regular shift

  • Override shifts will display a striped bar.

Override shift

  • Gaps in schedules will appear as 'No One On Call'.

No one on call

You can also view future or past shifts and overrides by swiping or scrolling the calendar and selecting a date. To return to today, tap the calendar icon in the top-right corner.


Return to today


My On-Call Shifts

If you are active on multiple schedules and would like to see all of your on-call shifts in one place, you can do so in the mobile app by going to My On-Call Shifts.

Search Schedules

  1. Navigate to Schedules.
  2. Tap in the top-right corner and enter a search term.

Search schedules

  1. Select a schedule from the list of results.


There are two ways to set an override’s duration:

Supply Start and End Times

  1. Navigate to your preferred schedule and select the shift you’d like to override.
  2. If needed, tap Starts and Ends to modify the override’s length — it will default to the remainder of the shift’s duration.
  3. Tap Override in the top-right corner.

Override start and end times

Select a Duration

You can also modify an override’s duration using a pre-populated option (for example, until the rotation ends).

  1. Navigate to your preferred schedule and select the shift you’d like to override.
  2. Tap Duration.

Adjust override duration

  1. Select one of the pre-defined options for Override Length:

    • 1 hour
    • 6 hours
    • 12 hours
    • 24 hours
    • Until the rotation ends
  2. Tap Override.

Delete an Override

If you ever need to delete an override on a schedule, you can do so in the mobile app:

  1. Navigate to your preferred schedule and select the overridden shift.
  2. In the Shift Already Overriden dialog, select Delete Override.

Delete override