V1 Webhook Alternatives

V1 webhook extensions became unsupported on November 13, 2021 and will lose functionality on October 31, 2022. We strongly recommend migrating to webhooks V3.

The following outbound integrations are based on V1 webhooks and will be impacted when v1 webhooks reach end-of-life (EOL). Please select the appropriate section for more information about how to avoid disruptions:

Cisco Spark

PagerDuty does not support this integration. We suggest Webex as an alternative. Learn more at Webex App | PagerDuty bot.


PagerDuty does not support this integration, and Flowdock has announced its EOL. Learn more at End of Life Announcement for CA Flowdock.

ServiceNow(v3.2.1)/ServiceNow Express

Please migrate to the latest version of ServiceNow integration.


Atlassian has published a new integration based on webhooks v3. Learn more at PagerDuty mustache tags.

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