Account Ownership

Every PagerDuty account has one user that is designated as the Account Owner. This user has access to perform any actions in the account, and is the only user with access to Account Settings, which includes details such as the account's pricing plan, user limits, billing and payment information (including invoices), SSO configuration, and the ability to change the account owner.

If you are an Account Owner and want to promote another user to be your account's owner, go to your User Icon Account Settings and then click the Account Settings tab. In the Change Account Owner section, begin typing this user's name, select them from the list and click Change Account Owner.



Your account will not be removed when you promote another user to be the Account Owner, your account will simply be demoted to an Admin user role.

If your current account owner has left your organization and their PagerDuty login information is not available, you can contact our Support team for assistance with account ownership changes.

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Account Ownership

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