Attach Resources

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The Attached Resources tab is available in the Report section of an opportunity. It provides a place to upload external files for reference as you complete your investigation, and to consolidate record keeping when referring to an opportunity in the future.

Attach a Resource

Files can either be dragged and dropped to upload, or you can click the upload area to open a selection modal and choose the items you would like to attach.

The current supported file types are:

  • .pdf
  • .rtf
  • .txt
  • .vtt
    • This file format is available when exporting the transcript of a Zoom recording.


Maximum File Size

The maximum file size supported is 200 MB.

Edit a Resource's Display Name

  1. Hover over an attached file and click the icon.
  2. The display name can be edited, and the original file name will be displayed below.

Delete an Attached Resource

To delete an attached resource, hover over the file and click the icon.