Google Meet Integration | Jeli

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The Google Meet integration makes incident communication effortless by automatically creating Google Meet calls.


Create an Internal Service Account

We recommend creating an internal service account when setting up your Google Meet integration. If an individual user sets up the Google Meet integration and then leaves your company, the Google Meet integration will no longer work. If you’re not sure how to request or set up a service account, reach out to your internal IT team.

Add the Google Meet | Jeli Integration


Required User Permissions

  1. In Jeli, navigate to Settings Integrations Google Meet.
  2. Click Sign in with Google.
  3. Select a Google Account to install the Jeli Google Meet integration with. If you have a service account you should use it here.
  4. Review the permissions requested and click Continue again to complete the installation.

Use the Google Meet | Jeli Integration

With the integration configured, you will now have the option to automatically start a Google Meet bridge when opening a Jeli Slack app incident.

You can also run /jeli meet at any time to create a Meet bridge if one does not exist, or show the link to the Meet bridge if one has already been created.

Remove the Google Meet | Jeli Integration

In Jeli, navigate to