Create a Snake Timeline

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The snake timeline is an invaluable tool for incident analysis, offering a comprehensive and chronological view of events during an incident. Users can seamlessly narrate the incident's progression, including its onset, the responders involved, and the remediation steps taken. This feature allows users to include all relevant tags from the initial investigation, ensuring a detailed and organized timeline for later analysis and review meetings.

Create a Snake Timeline

  1. In the Jeli web app, navigate to Opportunities in the left navigation and select your desired incident.
  2. Select Events and enter your filter criteria:
    1. In the field Select or create a filter set, enter the name of your filter (e.g., Event) to create and save your filter.
    2. In field Filtered By box, select the names of your desired tags.
  3. Click Build a timeline to display the snake timeline. You can change the data in the timeline by searching or filtering events on the previous screen.
A GIF demonstrating adding event filters and then selecting the button "Build a timeline"

Build a timeline

Example Snake Timeline

A visual depiction of an example snake timeline

Narrative Builder and Snake Timeline Differences

You can use the snake timeline to get a sense of where each event falls related to each other on a time scale perspective. Rather than selecting specific events as you do with Narrative Builder, the snake timeline visualizes all events together.

The snake timeline visualizes key elements of a situation and addresses questions such as the following:

  • What time did each responder join?
  • Were there any outsized gaps in communication?