Change Events — Beta

Change events represent service changes such as deploys, build completion, etc., providing contextual information that is critical during incident triage or hypercare. They can be sent via specific integrations, and they do not create alerts, incidents or notifications. Change events can be viewed within individual services’ Recent Activity timelines, on incidents and all historical changes can be viewed and filtered in the Recent Changes tab of the Service Directory.



Change events is currently in Beta, with features and documentation subject to change.

Configure a Change Events Integration

Currently change events can be sent via the new GitHub Changes and Relay by Puppet integrations. Follow instructions in the linked integration guide to configure change events.

Send Change Events via Integration

To send change events, push changes to the branch that you are tracking and change events will be sent to the integrated service.

Send Change Events via API

You may also send change events to integrations via the Change Events API.

View Change Events

View Change Events on a Service

Navigate to Services Service Directory and click the title of the integrated service. Under Recent Activity you will see change events labeled as RECENT CHANGE in grey in the timeline:

View Most Recent Change Events on an Incident

Navigate to an incident on a service with the above integration configured. Click the incident’s Title and you will see a section with the most recent changes in the last 24 hours, with the option to View All on the right.

If there have been no recent changes, this section will read No recent changes on this service in the last 24 hours.

View and Filter All Change Events Across Services in the Service Directory

To view and filter all change events across all services, navigate to Services Service Directory Recent Changes tab. You may filter by Service, integration Type and Last Changed time period.

View Change Event Details

To view a change event's details, click the change event's title and you will see the Service, Type, Timestamp, Summary, Source and Links to view the pull request, the integrated repository and the user's profile.


Is it possible to modify change events using event rules?

Not at this time, but we are interested to learn about what you would like to accomplish, please contact our Support team with your use cases and feedback.

Are change events viewable in Slack or the mobile app?

Not at this time, but we would like to hear your feedback, please contact our Support team.

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Change Events — Beta

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