My On-Call Shifts

An at-a-glance view of your on-call shifts

My On-Call Shifts allows users to view their current and upcoming on-call responsibilities in a single, easy-to-use view, where they can also create overrides for any of their shifts. My On-Call Shifts is also available as a widget on the right side of the Incidents page, which displays a user’s current shift and when they are on call next.


Schedules and Escalation Policies

My On-Call Shifts displays schedule shifts if the schedule is part of an active escalation policy. If you have shifts on a schedule that do not appear in My On-Call Shifts, please check that the schedule on an escalation policy, and that a service uses the escalation policy.

My On-Call Shifts in the Web App

To access the My On-Call Shifts page:

  1. Navigate to People My On-Call Shifts, or User Icon My Profile On-Call Shifts tab.

The following information is displayed here:

  • Currently On-Call: In the upper left you will see shifts that you are currently on call for.
  • My On-Call Shifts: Below on the left, you will see a list of all your on-call shifts.
  • Calendar: Center screen you will see a calendar of your upcoming on-call shifts, up to 90 days in the future.
    • Use the dropdown in the top right to adjust the time range by month, week, day or list view.

Shift Types

Shifts types are denoted by the following:

  • Recurring on-call shifts have a solid color.
  • Shifts where you are always on-call have a diagonal line pattern.

Adjust the Time Zone

You can adjust the time zone using the dropdown on the left side of the screen.


Toggle Escalation Policy Layers

To add or remove on-call shifts from the view, click the eye icon to the right of a shift in your My On-Call Shifts list. Your selection is saved when you navigate away from the page.


View Another User’s On-Call Shifts

Go to People Users and select another user to visit their profile page.
Select the On-Call Shifts tab.



You can create overrides while viewing another user’s On-Call Shifts page.

Create Overrides on My On-Call Shifts

There are two ways to create overrides on the My On-Call Shifts page:

Multi-Overrides Tool


Delete Overrides Made Using the Multi-Overrides Tool

  • If you wish to delete any overrides that were made with the Multi-Overrides tool, you will need to individually delete them. This is typically done on the associated schedule’s detail page. This Knowledge Base article covers deleting overrides.
  • Multi-Overrides can only be made up to 3 months out from the current date.
  1. Navigate to People My On-Call Shifts.
  2. In the calendar, hover over a date, then click and drag to select the range of dates you would like to override.
  1. In the modal, select a user from the Who should take this shift? dropdown.
  2. Review the shifts that you are overriding — you may optionally edit the start and end times, as well as uncheck shifts from the list at the bottom of the modal.
  1. Click Create Override.

Create Override Button

  1. Navigate to People My On-Call Shifts Create Override.
  1. In the modal, select a user to override In the Who should take this shift? dropdown, select a user to override the shift.
  2. Update the start and end times to cover the appropriate time range.
  • Optional: If you do not wish to override all of a user’s shifts, you can uncheck shifts from the list at the bottom of the modal.
  1. Click Create Override.

My On-Call Shifts Widget

To access the My On-Call Shifts widget, navigate to the right side of the Incidents page. The widget displays your current on-call shifts with dates and times, as well as escalation policies you are on-call for and upcoming shifts.


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