Outlier Incident

View the frequency of similar incidents to gain helpful context during incident triage

When responders are heads down in a response effort, it is easy to lose context on whether similar incidents have occurred previously, or represent an entirely new problem never seen before. The Outlier Incident feature provides incident responders with immediate context on how often similar incidents occur on a specific service.



This feature is currently available as part of our Digital Operations plan or can be purchased via Event Intelligence, an add-on to our Professional or Business plans. If you would like to sign up for a trial of this and other Event Intelligence features, please contact our Sales team.

View Outlier Incident in the Web App

  1. From the Incidents page or a service’s detail page, click your desired incident’s Title to see its detail page.
  2. If an incident has been categorized as a frequent, rare or anomalous incident these details will appear below the incident title.

Incident with "Anomaly" Outlier Incident label

Outlier Incident Labels

Outlier Incident uses data science techniques to dynamically map incidents to templates and determine how often each type of incident occurs on a service. The following labels are applied underneath the incident title on the incident details page:

  • Frequent: Incident types representing 20% or more of all incidents in the preceding 30 days.
  • Rare: Incident types representing 5% or less of all incidents in the preceding 30 days.
  • Anomaly: Incident types that have not occurred on the service in the preceding 30 days.

For the purpose of determining which of the labels above to use, incident data from the 30 days prior to an incident’s trigger date is used.

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