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PagerDuty Analytics uses human and machine response data to create modern operational insights that can be used to drive process maturity and better business outcomes. Business and operational leaders can make smarter, real-time decisions with a holistic view of machine data, services, teams, and corresponding incident actions. With data perspectives unique to a digital operations platform, PagerDuty Analytics surfaces modern digital metrics that go far beyond MTTA and MTTR. These metrics will help you understand how your digital operations impact your people, your business, and your customers.



PagerDuty Analytics is included in our Digital Operations plan. Please contact our Sales Team if you would like to upgrade to a plan with this feature suite.

Product Capabilities

PagerDuty Analytics is currently made up of Operational Reviews and Intelligent Dashboards, with other capabilities on the roadmap.

Operational Reviews

Operational Reviews allow you to drive review meetings with metrics that focus on the impact of operations on people, customers, and the business. This feature is comprised of a set of review types with automatically generated scorecards that align with the most common operational review meetings at digital businesses.

Intelligent Dashboards

Intelligent Dashboards measure the impact of real-time work on teams and business objectives, promoting continuous improvement in digital operations towards greater success. Digital business leaders can receive recommendations and use flexible data visualizations to compare key metrics to industry benchmarks or teams to company averages. After making improvements in training, processes and technology investments, leaders can then monitor the performance of Teams and Services and ensure they are trending in the right direction.

Intelligent Dashboards are made up of the following features:

  • Spotlight Recommendations: Spotlight’s at-a-glance insights and recommendations promote informed decisions about investments in real-time operations.
  • Team Performance Dashboard: The Team Performance Dashboard provides key insights and highlights trends that impact performance of your Teams and their Services.
  • Service Health Dashboard: The Service Health dashboard allows for the discovery of services that drive incidents and cause increased team response effort.


Best Practices

Please visit our article on PagerDuty Analytics Best Practices for more information on the configuration and proper use of core features supporting this add-on product.

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Operational Reviews
Intelligent Dashboards

PagerDuty Analytics

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