PagerDuty for ServiceNow Customer Service Management User Guide

PagerDuty for ServiceNow Customer Service Management (available in the ServiceNow Store) allows users with PagerDuty Customer Service licenses to log in to the PagerDuty console using their PagerDuty login information. The PagerDuty console streamlines processes by allowing users to create and take action on PagerDuty incidents from within ServiceNow CSM, as well as link PagerDuty incidents with ServiceNow records. The console's status dashboard offers a high-level overview of any active incidents and their affected business services, which keeps users informed about an issue's broader impact.

Sign In to the PagerDuty Console

  1. While signed in to the ServiceNow CSM Agent Workspace, in the bottom-right pane select your PagerDuty account's service region (i.e., US Login or EU Login) and click Login to PagerDuty.
  2. In the modal that appears, enter the email address associated with your PagerDuty account and follow the login prompts. Read Log In to PagerDuty for more information about signing in to your PagerDuty account.

Incident Console

The incident console is where you can create new PagerDuty incidents from ServiceNow records, link ServiceNow records to existing PagerDuty incident, and take action on PagerDuty incidents. To view the incident console, in ServiceNow select the Incidents tab on the PagerDuty console.

Create a PagerDuty Incident from a ServiceNow Record

  1. In ServiceNow CSM, select the Incidents tab and click .

Create a PagerDuty incident

  1. In the modal that appears, enter the following information:
    • Incident title: Enter an incident title. This defaults to the ServiceNow CSM case's short description.
    • PagerDuty Service: Select the PagerDuty service where you would like the incident to trigger.
    • PagerDuty Priority (optional): If desired, select a priority for the incident.
    • Incident description (optional): Enter a description for the incident, which will show up in the PagerDuty incident's Custom Details. By default, the original ServiceNow ticket URL is pre-populated.
  2. Click Create to create the incident in PagerDuty.

Link a ServiceNow Record with an Existing PagerDuty Incident

  1. In ServiceNow CSM, select the Incidents tab and click .

Link a PagerDuty incident

  1. In the modal that appears, you may select from the following in the dropdown:
    • All incidents: Search by incident name or number.
    • Direct Link (URL): Enter the PagerDuty incident's URL (e.g.,
  2. Click Link Incident.

Incident Actions

After you have linked a ServiceNow record to a PagerDuty incident, you may select the following actions in the incident console by clicking to the right of the incident title.


Incident actions

AcknowledgeSelect Acknowledge. In the confirmation modal, click Acknowledge.
ResolveSelect Resolve. In the modal, enter an optional resolution note, and optionally check the box to post the note as a status update. Then click Resolve Incident.
Unlink incidentSelect Unlink. In the confirmation modal, click Unlink.

Status Dashboard Console


Pricing Plans

The Status Dashboard feature is available on Customer Service Business and Customer Service Digital Operations plans. Please contact our Sales Team if you would like to upgrade to a plan including the Status Dashboard feature.

Select the Status Dashboard tab on the PagerDuty console to view the PagerDuty Status Dashboard, manage subscriptions to incidents, and link incidents to ServiceNow records. If there are any incidents impacting a business service, you will see a red banner detailing how many business services are disrupted.


Disrupted business service

There are a number of actions you can take by selecting a business service to expand its incidents, and then clicking to the right of your desired incident.

Subscribe to the PagerDuty incidentSelect Subscribe to this incident. You will see Subscribed, indicating that you are subscribed to receive status updates for this incident.
Unsubscribe from the PagerDuty incidentSelect Unsubscribe from this incident.
Link a PagerDuty incident to a ServiceNow recordSelect Link this incident to a record. You will see Linked, indicating that the PagerDuty incident and ServiceNow record are linked. You may link an incident to more than one ServiceNow record.
Unlink a PagerDuty incident from a ServiceNow recordSelect Unlink this incident from this record.

Switch Status Dashboard

If your account has configured more than one status dashboard, you can easily switch between them.

  1. With the Status Dashboard tab selected, click the slider icon Switch Status Dashboard.

Switch status dashboard

  1. In the modal that appears, select a status dashboard from the dropdown.
  2. Click Apply.