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Zoom + PagerDuty Integration Benefits

  • Responders can quickly create on-demand Zoom meetings with the click of a button from a PagerDuty incident.
  • Response Plays can create on-demand Zoom meetings and attach them to incidents.

How it Works

  • On a PagerDuty incident, a responder clicks a link or they can optionally run a pre-configured Response Play to create an incident-specific Zoom ID. This information is sent as an event to AWS Lambda, which transforms it to a Zoom-compatible format and it creates a meeting ID. Note: This meeting ID is incident-specific and it is not a fixed conference bridge that can be reused for other incidents.
  • Once the meeting ID has been created, this information is sent back through the same Lambda to PagerDuty, creating a conference bridge with the meeting ID information.
  • Responders can join the Zoom conference bridge directly from the incident in the web app and mobile app, via conference bridge notifications, or they can use One Touch to Join.


In PagerDuty:

  • First-time Configuration: You must have Admin or Account Owner permissions to configure the integration.
  • Using the Integration: Users with the responder role or higher can create Zoom meetings via incidents.

In Zoom:

  • First-time Configuration: You must have administrator permissions to configure the integration.

Integration Walkthrough

In Zoom

  1. Install the PagerDuty application in your Zoom account.
  2. You will see the following authorization screen. Click Authorize.
  1. On the next screen, you will be prompted to sign into your PagerDuty account if you have not signed in already. Once signed in, you will see another authorization screen. Click Authorize.
  1. After successfully installing the integration, you should see a confirmation message in your browser.

In PagerDuty

  1. Navigate to the PagerDuty incidents page and click + New Incident to create a new test incident.
  2. Enter your preferred Impacted Service and Title and click Create Incident.
  3. Within the new incident’s details, you should now see a link to Create Zoom Meeting. Once clicked, the zoom meeting ID link (and dial-in phone number, if configured) will populate as the conference bridge.

Using the Zoom Integration

Important: Enable Zoom Settings for Optimal Use

By default, when responders create Zoom meetings from incidents, the integration will check to see if the responder's PagerDuty email matches their Zoom email. If it does, it will create the Zoom meeting ID on their account. If the email does not match, the meeting ID will be created on the Zoom account of the administrator who configured the integration.

If the account where the Zoom meeting ID is created does not have Join before host enabled for both the Account and Group level, other users will not be able to join the meeting until this administrator joins as the host. Please read Zoom's documentation on how to enable Join before host on both the Account level and the Group level.

Recommended Settings for Optimal Use:

  • Join before host on Account and Group Level.
  • Anyone can record.
  • Anyone can share screen.

Create a Zoom Meeting Manually


Required User Permissions

Users with a Responder role and higher can create Zoom conference bridges.

  1. Click the incident’s title to view the incident details screen.
  2. Next to CONFERENCE ZOOM, click Create Zoom Meeting. The new meeting ID will automatically populate.
  3. Responders can now click this meeting link from the incident in the web or mobile app or via conference bridge notifications and One Touch to Join.

Create a Zoom Conference Bridge Response Play



Response Plays are only available on our Digital Operations plan and as part of our Modern Incident Response package. Please contact our Sales Team if you would like to upgrade to a plan with this feature.


Required User Permissions

Manager, Global Admin or Account Owner base roles can create response plays. At this time, Team-based roles do not have the ability to grant Response Play creation access to other users without these base roles.

  1. Navigate to Automation Response Plays and click + New Response Play.
  2. Enter a Name, such as Add Zoom Conference Bridge and Description. Under What should happen when this play runs?, check the Add a conference bridge checkbox and select Meet with Zoom. Enter any other preferred settings. Note: If you would like anyone to be able to create Zoom meetings via this Response Play, ensure that you select All incident responders under Who can run this play on demand?. Click Create Play.

Run a Zoom Conference Bridge Response Play


Required User Permissions

All roles, with the exception of Limited and Full Stakeholders, can run response plays on incidents.

  1. Once the Zoom conference bridge Response Play has been configured (see instructions above), click an incident’s title to view the incident details screen. Click Run a Play and select the Zoom conference bridge Response Play.
  2. Once run, the Zoom meeting ID will be automatically populated in the incident details next to the CONFERENCE heading.

Uninstall the PagerDuty Zoom Integration

To uninstall the PagerDuty Zoom application, users must perform the uninstall through the Zoom Marketplace. When the Zoom app is uninstalled, all authorization tokens will be deleted and users will no longer be able to create Zoom Meetings from PagerDuty.

  1. Log in to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Select Manage in the top right, then click Installed Apps.
  1. Open the PagerDuty app and select the Manage tab.
  2. Click the Uninstall button.


Can I link more than one PagerDuty account to the same Zoom account?

At this time Zoom and PagerDuty accounts can only be linked in a 1:1 ratio.

Who can create a Zoom meeting in PagerDuty?

PagerDuty users with the responder role or higher can create Zoom meetings.

I don’t see a telephone number attached to the PagerDuty incident for my Zoom Meeting. What is wrong?

If your Zoom account does not provide telephone number dial-in, only the URL will be attached to the PagerDuty incident. Note: Zoom recently removed telephone dial-in for free Zoom accounts, please check your Zoom account pricing plan.

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Zoom Integration Guide | PagerDuty

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