Set who can edit a Workflow

Global Admins and Managers have access to edit and create Workflows. You can set who can edit a Workflow from the Workflow settings page. Permissions can be changed at any time.

Permissions are determined by a users role, and their team. Permissions Individual permission settings govern which users can edit or view any given Workflow, and are set per-Workflow. A team must be explicitly given permission to view or edit a Workflow, and only one team can have access at a time.

How to give view and edit permissions for a Workflow

The individual Workflow permissions are set per-Workflow.

  1. Select Automation from the top navigation bar.
  2. Select Workflows, this will open the Workflow detail page.
  3. Select the Workflow you wish to edit.
  4. Select the Settings tab under the Workflow's name.
  5. Change Who can edit this Workflow?



Changing who can edit the Workflow also changes who can edit the associated services. If there are associated services the new team cannot access, the associated services can not be edited, and the services may need to be updated.