Upgrade Response Plays to Incident Workflows


Upgrade to Incident Workflows

  • In January 2023 we released a powerful new Incident Workflows capability. With these Workflows, customers will be able to define if-this-then-that logic to effortlessly trigger a sequence of common incident actions.
  • Because Incident Workflows are a more robust and powerful version of Response Plays, we will be working to upgrade accounts from Response Plays to Incident Workflows, ultimately culminating in a Response Plays end-of-life in late 2023. See details and frequently asked questions about the upgrade process below.

How to Upgrade

There are two ways to upgrade to Incident Workflows:

  • Auto-Upgrade: If your account does not have any active Response Plays, then there is no action needed on your end – we will automatically upgrade your account to Incident Workflows.
  • Single-Button Upgrade: For accounts already using Response Plays, a user with a Global Admin or Account Owner role can upgrade using the following instructions:
  1. Navigate to Automation Incident Workflows to view the upgrade landing page. Clicking Upgrade on this page will result in the following actions:
    • It will enable Incident Workflows for the account.
    • It will replicate all existing Response Plays as Incident Workflows.
    • It will disable the Response Plays feature.
  2. When you are ready to upgrade, click Upgrade.
Incident Workflows teaser

If you have any questions about the upgrade process, please reach out to your account representative or Customer Support.


Why are Response Plays reaching end-of-life?


Response Plays are a helpful way to run a set of actions during incident response, but they only provide a limited set of functionality. You can’t trigger Response Plays based on conditional logic, and the feature only provides a narrow set of actions. These shortcomings are what led us to build more the powerful Incident Workflows feature. As part of that upgrade, we will remove Response Plays as a standalone feature in our product.

Can Incident Workflows accomplish everything that Response Plays can?


Yes, Incident Workflows include all of the same capabilities of Response Plays. Additionally, Incident Workflows have the benefit of conditional triggers based on changes in incident Priority, Urgency, and Status, as well as a more robust actions library.

Can I trigger Incident Workflows through all the same surfaces as Response Plays?


Similar to Response Plays, you can trigger Incident Workflows from the web app, mobile app, and the API. You can also trigger Incident Workflows directly from our Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations. However, you can not yet trigger Incident Workflows through the ServiceNow, Jira, Zendesk, or Salesforce integrations. We will provide special accommodations for accounts using Response Plays via these integrations for continued support.

Are there any pricing and packaging changes as part of this upgrade?


No. Incident Workflows will be included on Business and Digital Operations plans, just as Response Plays were. This means that all accounts that had access to Response Plays will be given access to Incident Workflows.

Will there be any special accommodations for accounts that manage Response Plays via the API and/or Terraform?


Yes. While most accounts will go through the single-button upgrade, we will provide a special ‘high-touch’ upgrade experience for API and Terraform users.

We will allow these users to temporarily have both Response Plays and Incident Workflows active on their accounts at the same time. This is intended to provide sufficient time to convert their Response Plays to Incident Workflows before Response Plays are removed.

Is PagerDuty able to provide more support for my upgrade?


If you need additional assistance with your upgrade, you may purchase PagerDuty Professional Sevices, which are available on-demand and sold in incremental bundles for your convenience.

What user roles will be required to upgrade Response Plays?


Users with Global Admin or Account Owner roles can disable Response Plays and enable Incident Workflows.

Will I be able to revert from Incident Workflows to Response Plays?


If you run into issues with the upgrade process or Incident Workflows functionality, please reach out to Customer Support for assistance.

How can I test Incident Workflows so that I am confident about removing Response Plays from my account?


Incident Workflows include the same capabilities as Response Plays, so you should feel comfortable using Workflows in place of any existing Response Plays. However, if you want to further validate this, you can test out Workflow functionality in a sandbox account before upgrading your primary account. To do so, reach out to your account representative or our Support Team.