PagerDuty invoices will detail any amounts owed for your subscription as well as for any overages incurred by international notifications (Lite and Basic plans only) during the invoice period.

When can I expect to receive invoices?

Accounts on month-to-month plans will receive their first invoice on the day that the activation fee is paid. Subsequent invoices will be generated on the first of each month.

Accounts on annual contracts will receive an invoice for the full amount of the annual subscription upon account activation. The account owner and other billing contacts will receive another email notification 60 days prior to the account’s scheduled auto-renewal. Accounts on annual contracts whose plans do not include unlimited notifications will receive a monthly invoice in the event that the account goes over its allotted number of international SMS and phone notifications. These will be charged to the credit card on file each month. 

You can read more about the exact numbers of international notifications included with each plan on our pricing page

Where can I see invoices?

The account owner can see invoices in the Account Settings section of the web app. Invoices will also be emailed to the account owner, as well as any other billing email addresses specified in your account settings. You can read more about accessing invoices in our Knowledge Base.

What can I expect to see on an invoice?

A PagerDuty invoice will include a breakdown of the charges on your account as well as any remaining balance.

Line items

This section will outline any charges for the specified service period as well as any credits applied from discount codes.


Charges on your invoice will break down as follows:


  • Subtotal - the total cost of your PagerDuty subscription and any overage charges incurred for international notifications (Lite and Basic plans only).
  • Sales Tax - We are required to collect sales tax in certain states. Your state is determined by your Ship To address.
  • Payments Applied - the amount charged to the credit card on file at the time that the invoice was issued.
  • Credits Applied - any credits from previous payments applied to this invoice.
  • Total Amount Due - the total remaining outstanding amount minus any credits and payments already applied.


If you have questions about a specific invoice, please feel free to reach out to with the invoice number handy. You’ll find this in the upper right hand corner of your invoice.

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