Complex Schedule with Restrictions


The following example is a complex schedule built in PagerDuty. Alice and Fred trade off the early morning shift, Bob takes the morning, and Carol takes the evening shift during a four day week. Dave and Eve take shifts on the elongated weekend:

  • Monday: Alice for 7 hours, then Bob for 6 hours, then Carol for 11 hours

  • Tuesday: Fred (7 hrs), Bob (6hrs), Carol (11hrs)

  • Wednesday: Alice (7hrs), Bob (6hrs), Carol (11 hrs)

  • Thursday: Fred (7 hrs), Bob (6hrs), Carol(11 hrs)

  • Friday: Dave (12 hrs), Eve(12 hrs)

  • Saturday: Dave(12 hrs), Eve (12 hrs)

  • Sunday: Dave (12 hrs), Eve (12 hrs)

Dave and Eve are easy to schedule because they have consistent shifts. Create a layer for each of the remaining users and restrict on-call duty to specific times of the week, based on their scheduled shifts.


The result looks like this:

You can use an overlapping technique to make the calendar simpler, if you put the original Dave and Eve layer on the bottom, you can simplify some of the restrictions. Bob and Carol now only need to be restricted by time of day, and so on.

Final Schedule

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