Pause or deactivate an on-call schedule


Sometimes you might want to stop a schedule from being used without deleting it.

For example:

  • If the schedule is a draft which you are not ready to implement. (Note however that you can set an effective date for future changes without deactivating your current schedule.)

  • If the schedule needs to be used regularly but only for special events, such as on-call shadowing.

To prevent an on-call schedule from being used, you will want to either remove the schedule from any escalation policies it is assigned to, or change the escalation policy used by your services to one that does not use the schedule.

Option 1: Removing a Schedule from an Escalation Policy

You can see the escalation policies a schedule is being used by on the sidebar when you view your schedule.


Click on the escalation policy you want to remove the schedule from, then click Edit Escalation Policy on the top right corner of the page.


Find your schedule in the escalation policy's rules, then click the X button on the schedule object to remove it from the rule.

Note: If the schedule is the only target (person or schedule) in the escalation rule, you will need to click the X button on the rule to delete the entire rule, as each rule must contain at least one target.


Click Save when you are done, and repeat this process for any additional escalation policies this schedule is used by.

Option 2: Changing the Escalation Policy for a Service

To change the escalation policy used by a service - so that incidents triggered for the service do not alert the schedule you want to deactivate - go to your service and click Edit Service.


On the edit page, select a new escalation policy for your service which does not use the schedule you want to deactivate, then click Save changes.


Repeat this process for any additional services this escalation policy is linked to.

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