Add and Notify Subscribers


Adding subscribers lets you notify stakeholders who aren't directly involved with resolving the incident. This could be C-level executives concerned about the health of the company, or a Support team interacting with customers during an outage, for instance.

This feature is currently only available on the current Standard and Enterprise plans, if you are interested in using this feature you can contact our sales team via our contact form

Add Subscribers to an Incident

  1. On the Incidents page, open an incident to view the details. Go to the Subscribers tab on the incident details page.

  2. Select the team or specific users you’d like to add.

  3. To notify the subscribers, enter a message in the Status Update field and click Notify Subscribers. Subscriber notifications will appear in the incident timeline.Subscribers_img1.png

Subscriber Notifications

Once subscribed to an incident, stakeholders can expect to receive all subsequent manual status updates on that incident. Subscriber notifications can be sent via email, SMS, and push notification depending on their profile's contact methods.

Note: We currently do not offer customized notification rules to notify on a specific channel; if you do not wish to receive updates on a certain channel we recommend leaving that contact method blank.

Notification emails contain the most information about an incident including:

  • Who sent the notification

  • Incident number and description

  • When the incident was opened

  • The affected service

  • To whom the incident is currently assigned

  • Incident status

  • A link to the incident status page





Push notification:


Remove Subscribers from an incident 

Users assigned to the incident can remove subscribers from an incident, and subscribers can choose to unsubscribe themselves.

If you are a user assigned to the incident and you want to remove a subscriber:

  1. Go to the Incident Details page.

  2. Click on the Subscribers tab.

  3. Under Subscribers, click on the name of the subscriber you want to remove.

  4. Click on Remove Subscriber. Subscribers_img4.png

A subscriber can unsubscribe by: 

  1. Going to the Incident Status page. 

  2. Click on the Unsubscribe button. Subscribers_img3.png

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